Personal Property in Flood Prone Areas

Stay Informed on Flood Conditions

The City highly encourages residents to keep an eye on the forecasted river levels and determine the potential flooding elevations in regards to your house, basement, and yard. Both of these numbers can be determined using the National Weather Service River Forecast or MnTopo

By linking the potential river levels (given in feet above sea level) and determining your ground elevations near your house (also given in feet above sea level) you will be able to have a rough idea of where the flood levels may reach in relation to your yard and house.  For example, if the river forecast is determined to reach 691 feet and the MnTopo website shows that your backyard elevation is also 691 feet there is a good chance that river water will be flooding your backyard. Please keep in mind that the river levels are only show in double digit numbers, they have removed the 6 from the hundreds place.

Keep Your Property Safe

If you determine that flood levels may reach your yard or basement, it would be prudent to move any personal property that may be damaged by flood waters to areas that will not be flooding.  The City is allowing vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. to be parked on MN 95 and side streets if a flood event occurs.  Other property such as washing machines, dryers, kitchen appliances, etc. should be removed from lower living quarters to prevent damage during a potential flood event.

Speak With Neighbors

In addition to the two website resources referenced, another great resource is seeking out neighbors who have been in town since the 2001 flood event. City staff knows of a handful of residents who experienced that event and have been willing to provide information to us about the event.