Animal Control

The Police Department enforces animal control, to ensure safety in the community.

Please contact 651-275-4400 or 911 to report a lost, found, stolen, or dangerous animal.

Impounded Animals

Animals found running at large will be impounded at:
Humane Society for Companion Animals
9785 Hudson Road
Woodbury, MN
Phone: 651-730-6008

Cat & Dog Limitations & License Requirements

City ordinance allows a combination of up to 3 cats and/or dogs over 4 months of age per property. Cats and dogs must also be licensed, display a city issued collar tag, and have a valid rabies vaccination.

For 2020 to 2021, the city will be transitioning to a two year license period. Licenses must be renewed by February 1 of the license period.

Private Kennel Licenses

For properties located in the R-1 Single-family Estate Zoning District located on Point Road, the city may consider issuance of a private kennel license for households with a combination of 4 or more cats and/or dogs. For more information on private kennel licenses and application information, please contact City Hall at 651-275-4404.

Small Bird/Fowl Limitations & Permit Requirements

City ordinance allows up to 4 small birds/fowl per property, which are defined as chickens (hens), turkeys, ducks, or pigeons, with a city permit. Permits must be obtained/renewed by February 1 each year. 

Animal Owner Responsibilities

Please be advised that owners are responsible for the behavior and care of their animal(s), to ensure proper safety of residents and other animals in the city, including to, but not limited to the following:

  1. Animals must not obstruct or interfere with any pedestrian or motor vehicle upon any public way or public area.
  2. Animals must be controlled so that they do not disturb, make excessive noise, or interfere with the rights of other persons or animals.
  3. Animals must be controlled so that they do not cause damage to public or private property. Owners are responsible for any damage caused by their animal.
  4. Animals must be provided proper shelter, wholesome food and water, veterinary care, and humane treatment.
  5. Owners must clean and dispose of all fecal matter created by their animal on public and private property. Animal waste on private property must be removed daily to prevent odors from occurring.

Additional Information

Please contact City Hall at 651-275-4404 to view a full copy of Chapter 14 - Animals of the Bayport City Code.