Wellhead Protection Plan

Wellhead protection planning was implemented in 1986 through the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) to prevent contaminants from reaching drinking water sources, and managing the land surface areas where activities might affect the quality of drinking water sources. The plan consists of developing a wellhead protection area and then creating a contingency plan to ensure safe and affordable drinking water within this area.

The City of Bayport has developed an amended plan pursuant to the requirements of the SDWA. This plan consists of a multitude of components including:

  1. Data Elements
  2. Evaluation
  3. Goals, Objectives, and Action Strategies
  4. Inventory of Potential Contaminants
  5. Issues, Problems, and Opportunities

The plan will be implemented over the next 10 years and will play a role in land usage, water and land related city/residential activities, education, and capital improvement planning. If you have questions or concerns regarding the plan, please contact Public Works Director Matt Kline at 651-275-4404 or email Public Works.

Public Education

The city is providing the following as educational resources for issues regarding wellhead protection.

Private Well Best Management Practices

While there are few private wells within the wellhead protection area associated with the city municipal wells, the practices listed within the Minnesota Department of Health can be used by owners to make sure their private well is operating correctly and that testing is occurring for safety purposes.

Underground Storage Tanks FAQ

Bayport has a minimal number of underground storage tanks within the wellhead protection area of the city municipal wells. This FAQ (PDF) from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency provides owners with an overview of their responsibility for underground tanks.